The Tracks of My Tears

by Stephanie

Never in my life have I wanted so badly for Perez Hilton to be wrong. I’m going to remain optimistic and believe that it’s not true because credible sources like Rolling Stone, EW and MTV have not reported that Steven Tyler has quit Aerosmith, but still. I googled it. It’s out there. For those of you that know me, you can imagine how unsettling this news is for me. They weren’t supposed to break up. They survived drugs and the 80’s. Only death was supposed to stop them. And the thought of replacing Tyler with a new singer. Sure VanHalen got luck with Sammy Hagar but lightning sure did not strike a third time when that got that other guy. And don’t even get me started with Journey hiring a Steve Perry sound-alike. I need to stop. The thought of it is too upsetting.