Run It

by Stephanie

Thank you NYC for bringing the decent weather back. Now keep it this way for another week at least–I got a Red Sox game to go to!

I fell a little short of my prescribed workout. I was supposed to run for 2 minutes followed by 1 minute of walking, repeat 5 times followed by 5 rounds of 1/1. I think I lost my momentum taking those extra days off because I had to cheat a little. But I did it nonetheless and the relentless cough that always follows my runs is in full force, but tonight it was combined with the ab soreness as a result of my Improv team’s pre-practice brutal yoga session. So I have pretty much sounded like this all night: cough, cough “ow!”, cough, “ow!!!!, “cough, cough. You get the idea.
I wish I could write all the random thoughts that pass through my head while I’m running but I can’t seem to remember them all. I do remember noting that there are a lot of Mr. Softee trucks and being grateful that I left my wallet at my apartment. And did you know that pigeons tend to bob their head in perfect rhythm to whatever song I happen to be running to? Yeah, I bet you didn’t.
I miss the free personal training I used to get at the spa. I need a running buddy. It’s too easy to cheat on my own. And what happens if I don’t leave my wallet at home? I’ll tell you what–Mr. Softee cone with sprinkles! I’m so easily distracted, you know.