Funny The Way It Is

by Stephanie

I interrupt my regularly scheduled blog about running to introduce you to
a dear friend. Living in Nashville and Newy York City has afforded me the luxury of being surrounded by a lot of talent. Singers, actors, writers, musicians, photographers, etc–I’m spoiled, really. It has been almost 8 years since I met Kristine as a freshman at Belmont University and we couldn’t have been any more different. But we met in the middle becoming eventual roommates and very close friends. Time and life pulled our friendship in different directions, but somehow we’ve always been able to pick up right we left off, and I’m grateful for that. I’m not sure if she knows this, but I am completely envious of her ability to marry stability with wild adventures, wisdom with humility, and creativity, well, with just about everything. When I met her she was comfortable expressing herself in the written word and I was comfortable expressing myself behind a camera. Somewhere along the way, I put down the camera and she picked one up. And somewhere along the way I started calling myself a writer. Funny the way it is. I could go on and on, but this is what I wanted to share with y’all–check this out, she’s sooooo good!

She captures life in a way that I want to experience it. And she’s just getting started.
See her blog here and more stuff here and here

We now resume our regularly scheduled blog, already in progress.
I ran yesterday. It hurt.

*editor’s note: when I preview this blog entry it looks fine, but when I actually view the blog, the pics get cut off. And, well, I’m just not as good at HTML as I used to be. So go to her sites to see the full pictures, they look better over there 🙂