Guerrilla Radio

by Stephanie

After almost two weeks of consistent attempts at running, I think I’ve made a very important discovery–the perfect running song. I wrongly assumed that pop or hip-hop would be the style to keep a good pace, but I was lacking motivation, something to spur me on to keep jogging. And then my Ipod hit Rage Against the Machine’s Guerrilla Radio and suddenly I was a running machine! Something about that whole “All Hell can’t stop us now” business and the guitar ingenuity of Mr. Tom Morello got me totally revved up. I now plan on selecting heavy guitar-driven rock to guide my running steps. All rock, all the time.

I went a different direction today, heading west instead of east. I don’t plan out my jogging paths. I like to keep life a little interesting, so I run wherever the lights are green and see where that leads me. Today it led me to this.

I cannot say this enough: I miss trees. You can’t see it in the picture but next to the water–were TREES and GRASS. Now, I am just about as City as a girl can get (I actually likened sitting outside in the rain at Yankee Stadium to camping….seriously), but lately I have been craving trees, nature, or you know anything outside of all this damn concrete. So it filled me with glee to run along side water surrounded by green things. Granted the East River is hardly a glorious site to behold, but I’ll take what I can get. I think I might go back tomorrow.