Oh Canada

by Stephanie

So I have a confession. I know you’re reading this. Ok so I don’t who YOU are, but I know your IP address. It’s kinda sad I know, but I like to see if my blog gets any traffic. And I know that I have a certain faithful reader in Ohio that checks my blog daily and politely reminds me when I’ve been slacking. She has very important Master’s Degree classes and I’m not holding up my promise to distract her from lectures and presentations.
But the joke’s on me. I can see by geographic location from where my blog visits originate, and a few months back I noticed a regular reader from Ontario, Canada. I don’t know anybody in Canada so I was flattered that my little corner of the internet had reached someone up north. As I would write, I’d imagine my Canadian friend and think to myself, “Hey you up there-I’m writing this for you, little buddy!” I can’t remember how I figured this out exactly, but for some reason, the IP address from my blackberry is a little misleading. Much to my dismay, it turned out that my faithful reader in Canada…..was me.