Parade of Pants.

by Stephanie

I can only vaguely remember one time that my dad has ever worn jeans. He hates them, thinks they are uncomfortable. One time my mom had bought him a pair, and because he never turns down a gift, he tried to wear them. He was miserable. Denim and my dad simply do not get along. My family has since given up the battle to convince him otherwise.  Fortunately for him, I work for a company that sells a wide array of chinos, khakis, dress pants and other non-denim trousers. Lucky for me, this makes Christmas and birthdays simple. A few weeks before an event, he’ll drop non-subtle hints to me like so,

“Have I told you how much I love those pants you got me last Christmas, kid? Gee, sure do love them. They probably look great in several colors.”

Not that I blame him for dropping hints. Each December I send them a very specific list of gifts that I want for my birthday and or Christmas (I’m the youngest child which gives me license to be a complete brat). So no matter what else I decide to get him, I ALWAYS include a pair of pants. A nice book…with a pair of pants. Tickets to a baseball game…and a pair of pants. Box of golf balls….and a pair of golf pants. His closet is quickly becoming an endless parade of non-denim pants! I feel a little lazy getting him what is essentially the same gift over and over again, but he can’t seem to get enough of the pants!  (How many times can one type the word “pants” in one paragraph. PANTS!) Happy to oblige, I mailed my dad a nice pull-over and a pair of dark khakis for his birthday on Friday. I received this email today that put a smile on my face.


I wore my new sweater today. It is so comfortable. I kept it on all day. I love it. I cannot wait to try my pants.



If it’s not broke don’t fix it.

Also included this year, I added on two tickets to see Mike Birbiglia’s Indianapolis stop on his “My Girlfriend’s Boyfriend” tour. Because, sometimes, it’s nice to give gifts that you yourself would like to receive, (and then get jealous when they receive them).