Baby Steps On the Bus

by Stephanie

I’ve recently been focusing on my journey as a solo artist. Having spent the last 2 years as 1/8th of a team, I can honestly say I might have lost my way as a individual artist and performer.  I started this year by signing up for a storytelling class, and I can honestly say this might be one of my favorite classes ever.  I want to write and direct films. I want to perform comedy. I want to share my stories in oral and written form. The thing in common with all of these pursuits: storytelling! It’s opened my eyes to all the different narratives surround me: the ones I live every day, the stories  perpetually being developed around me, the tales I’ve already lived. Quite simply, I want to share them with you. Some of the ones that I desperately want to share with you might take me some time. In the wise words of Bill Murray in What About Bob: I’m doing the work, I’m baby stepping!  If you aren’t already aware, my dear friend Amy has challenged some of us to weekly blog challenge. The only requirement is that we publish at least one post per week. Baby steps. While I’m still getting my feet wet, I might be sharing, how do I put this, more inconsequential tales? Sometimes it’s just easier to publicly share that one time I went on a bad date, or that really terrible vacation that one time, or whatever. I’m not quite ready to bust out the big guns yet, so be a little patient. Baby steps.  I’m not counting this post as my “one post” for this week’s challenge. I just wanted you to know what’s coming.

……………………………………………………………….a few baby steps.