Diet Coke Detox

by Stephanie

I’ve started a few drafts of blog posts, but I’m just not feelin’ it right now. I wouldn’t even call it a creative block. I blame it entirely on caffeine withdrawal. You see, I normally keep a steady IV drip of Diet Coke and/or Diet Dr. Pepper coursing through my veins. I also start each day out with a 20 oz Iced Hazelnut coffee from Lenny’s Deli. I exist on caffeine and aspartame. It’s a problem. My coworkers keep reminding me what diet soda can do to metabolism, tooth enamel and corrosion on a car battery. Ok, I get it. I decided that I should cut diet soda out of my life completely and restrict coffee to no later than 3PM. As far as diet soda is concerned, I’m 7 days sober. Cold turkey! And today? I didn’t venture out of my apartment, so I didn’t bother with the coffee. Needless to say, I feel exhausted, cranky and have a pounding headache, so you’ll have to wait on my half-written posts about the power of music on my life’s soundtrack and why I love Joe Perry so much.  I just need to power through the detox first.